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Gayle Howard

Fantastic article Walter. Maintaining a blinkered view of the world by embarking on traditional job search methods of the '80s and '90s is sure fire way to become irrelevant in this ever-changing world!

Walter Akana

Hi Gale!

Thanks for commenting on this post!

I especially love your phrase "blinkered view" - terrific image! While I think there will always be a place for elements of traditional job search, including well-crafted resumes, cover letters, and profiles, there is a real need for people face up to the way that jobs/work will be reconfigured.

As well, I think future will clearly require fluency in networking and relationship building - both on line and off – all driven by personal clarity about what one can do for our brand communities!

career sherpa

Great post! I enjoyed how you built the case for managing our personal brand. I am a believer and hope that more people will begin to understand the importance of this! Thanks for enlightening! (Loved the referenced material too!)

Walter Akana

Hi Hannah! Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you liked the post. It was actually fun for me to write, especially because I was able to draw on great references. Still, the central message is clear: people really need to focus on the unique value they bring in an increasingly connected free agent economy!

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