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Career Sherpa

Thanks for taking us on this tour of how things have changed! I agree, Gary Vaynerchuck's The Thank You Economy does an excellent job explaining why "social" is working and the way of the future! And as you so nicely laid out, a required on-going effort!

I really enjoyed your approach to this!

Heather Coleman-Voss

This is a fantastic article, Walter! We teach this very concept in our career and business workshops, and it is so important!


Walter Akana

Hi Hannah!

Thanks for your great comment!

Clearly social media continues to gain steam as a tool for enriching one’s life and career. There were insights that Shel Israel captured in “Twitterville” that began to point the way.

Yet, if we need to be reminded that it’s all about becoming known, liked, and trusted, then Vayernerchuck’s book is a must read!

In this post, I’ve mostly tried to present what I think are recommendations for driving your career in a social media enabled world!

Great to be on the Career Collective with you!

Walter Akana

Hey Heather!

Thanks for your terrific feedback. Knowing that you “get it” on social media, I’m not surprised that this is what you’re teaching! You really are giving your people a big advantage in driving their careers in this brave new web-enabled world!

Thanks, again!


The Thank you economy sounds like an interesting book, I am very intrigued by it. With the emergence of the new tools and platforms we have available these days, it should not surprise us that employers want to harness these in an effort to not only shorten their time needed to find the right candidates, but learn more about those that have applied for their opportunities. When you say "People do business with people they know, like, and trust," I couldn't agree more.

A resume gives people some formal, almost stoic idea of their capabilities. Social media gives much more, which includes a persons connections, involvement, interests, and personality. These aspects create the chance to get to know people, and by developing trust, you are dispelling many of the hesitations others may have of you. Any information that can build trust is valuable, and social media allows us to do this.

Walter Akana

Thanks for your comment!

“The Thank You Economy” is an interesting book, and I highly recommend it!! It is perhaps the best treatment of how social media has given rise to a relationship economy on a global scale – yet with small town dynamics.

From a career management standpoint, it has given us the tools to reach out and build relationships with the people we most need to connect with. And this is a two way street, where both “candidates” and “employers” need to get to know, like, and trust each other!!

Building relationships inside of trusted networks can lead to opportunities that make formal “job search” methods and documents of secondary importance!

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